Wyndcliffe Court Sculpture Gardens

I have discovered a new type of place that I love to visit. When I go somewhere new I find myself actively searching for sculpture gardens! I have visited three to date and loved each one. They have all been completely different and wonderful in their own ways. The latest was Wyndcliffe Sculpture Gardens, near Chepstow.

Wyndcliffe Court Sculpture Garden, Chepstow

The wonderful thing about this venue is that they curate and exhibit the sculptures in three different shows throughout the year so the work is always changing. Entry is only £4 per person and you can come back as many times as you like in one year. They exhibit a great variety of work and unlike the other gardens I have visited, most of the work is for sale.

Dilys Jackson, Coned Pollen Form, Bronze
Coned Pollen Form, by Dilys Jackson
Fronteras by Robert Harding.
Fronteras by Robert Harding

I fell in love with these seed heads by artist Jenny Cole and brought one home for my garden!

Seed head by Jenny Cole
Jenny Cole, Seed head

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