Broomhill Art Hotel & Sculpture Gardens

Yesterday I spent a wonderful afternoon wandering around Broomhill Art Hotel & Sculpture Gardens. When searching for art galleries to visit on holiday, Broomhill kept popping up and I couldn’t wait to visit. We arrived in time for lunch and their food, which is based around the ‘slow food’ philosophy, was absolutely fantastic. After lunch we spent a few hours wandering around the surrounding gardens and forest, searching out the hundreds of sculptures. There is a great mix of materials and styles — both modern and traditional — and you are guaranteed to find something you love. We were lucky to be the only people there, wandering down the paths, enjoying an inspiring autumnal afternoon.

Reading by Carol Peace
Little Boxes by Jaqueline Brown
Le Vernissage by Alain Kurylo
Yielding Ash by Oliver Adams
Having great fun spinning the Disco Tree by Mary George


  1. No wonder you were excited to share – it looks amazing!! The slow food philosophy looks mega interesting and I’ll certainly be popping this on my list of places to go – perhaps we’ll book a short break in Devon next Summer! Thanks for sharing this little gem! x

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