Make for Men : Tea Towel Apron

This tutorial is the fourth this week in a series called Make for Men! I find it tricky to make handmade gifts for men so I have written some tutorials that can easily be adapted to suit the men in your life! Monday’s tutorial was for a handy tool roll, Tuesday’s tutorial shows you how to make a fabric bottle bag and yesterday’s was a pattern for a basketweave scarf.

This apron is really simple to make and it will take you less than an hour to transform a tea towel into a practical handmade gift!

Handmade gifts for menYou will need a tea towel of your choice, scissors, a fabric fading pen or chalk and some tape or ribbon. I stitched my apron on my sewing machine but it could easily be sewn by hand.

Handmade gifts for menThe first step is to lay your tea towel right side down on the table and fold over the top corner as shown in the photo below, pin into place and iron flat. How far you pull your corner down and across is up to you, my corner is folded at this angle so that it fits in with the design on the front. To ensure that your apron will be symmetrical, fold it in half lengthways so that you can use your first corner as a guide. Fold over the second corner, pin and press.

Handmade gifts for menThe next step is to measure one inch in from the pressed edge of your tea towel and draw a line. Repeat on the other side and then cut off the corner, along your line.

Handmade gifts for menFold the raw edge under to hem it. Press and pin into place and then stitch a double line of stitching to hold in securely in place. Repeat on the other side.

Handmade gifts for menNext you need to cut three pieces of cotton tape for your neck strap and two ties. The neck strap will need to be about 70cms and each tie approximately 1 metre long. I have made my ties quite long so that the apron will be comfortable to wear but adjust this length to suit. Pin the straps and ties into place with the ends tucked under to hide the raw edges.

Handmade gifts for menStitch the strap and ties in place with squares to make them nice and secure. Fold the ends of the ties over twice and stitch them down neatly.

Handmade gifts for menYour apron is complete! Have great fun hunting for the perfect tea towel for your apron! Thank you for reading Make for Men this week, I hope you now know what you want to sew for the men in your life this Christmas!

Handmade gifts for menIf you fancy making your own tea towel apron then you can buy some useful supplies from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!


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