Make for Men : Fabric Bottle Bag

This is the second tutorial this week in my series Make for Men, handmade gifts that you can make for the men in your family this Christmas. A nice bottle of wine or maybe even whisky can be a tricky present to wrap, but using this tutorial to make a fabric bottle bag will solve that problem and also be a present in itself!

Handmade gifts for menAll you need to make your very own bottle bag is fabric, scissors, cotton tape and a fabric fading marker or chalk. From your fabric, cut two lining pieces and two outer pieces, all measuring 7 x 14″. This will make a bottle bag for a standard sized wine bottle, you may need to alter these dimensions for irregular shaped bottles. You can use any fabric you like to make your bottle bag, I have picked a red wool coating and a textured coating so that my bottle will be padded and the bag will hold its shape nicely. Felt would be a great alternative for your lining.

Handmade gifts for menCut two 12″ pieces of cotton tape. At one end of each piece of tape, turn the raw edge over and stitch down neatly. Take one of your outer pieces and lie it down on the table, right side up. Place one piece of cotton tape 2.5″ down from the top edge and pin into place. Place your pin horizontally in your fabric like in the photo below. Repeat this for the second piece. Then fold them over one another and pin into the middle, this will keep the edges out of the way when you sew your seams!

Handmade gifts for menPut your lining pieces right sides together, pin them into place and sew down the sides and along the bottom, leaving the top open. Repeat this for the outer pieces.

Handmade gifts for menNext you are going to make a flat bottom for your bag so that the bottle will stand up on its own. Taking one of the bottom corners, pull the fabric out with your fingers, then press the side seam so that it lies on top of the bottom seam. See the photo below.

Handmade gifts for menOnce your corner is flat, pin into place and draw a line straight across it, 1″ down from the point. Sew directly across this line and trim off the excess. Repeat for the other corner of the lining and for both corners of your outer.

Handmade gifts for menWith the right sides touching, push your lining piece inside the outer piece. Line up your side seams and pin into place. Sew all the way around the top of your bag, leaving a gap for turning.

Handmade gifts for menTurn your bottle bag out through your gap and then push your lining inside your outer piece. Push the corners inside one another at the bottom of your bag.

Handmade gifts for menUsing a coordinating thread, stitch the opening closed. Your bottle bag is finished! The next tutorial in this series will be on Thursday and is for a cosy scarf!

Handmade gifts for menIf you fancy making your own fabric bottle bag then you can buy some useful supplies from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!


  1. Well done and very masculine! Made similar myself but used faux fur fabric (purchased a ‘body pillow’ from Target and took it apart as cheaper than buying fabric off the bolt ). Dressed them with suede lacing (purchased from Walmart that comes on a card in a selection of colours and far more economical than you will find elsewhere).
    Final result; very chic designer bottle bags at little cost or much work. ☺ -Brenda-

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