The Button Swap!

I have met some great creative souls on Twitter, who have a lot of good ideas. I was lucky enough to hear about one such idea, a button swap organised by a lady called Lisa Williams (aka @noodleBubble). Everyone that took part had to choose 50 nice buttons from their own stash and post them to their swap partner. I picked out the buttons below, it was nice to spend a hour delving through and rediscovering buttons that I had forgotten about! So after carefully assembling my selection I wrapped them all up and sent them all the way to the Netherlands to my swap partner @KittyBallistic. My parcel full of buttons has just arrived, take a peek at the treasure below!

My selection to send
All wrapped up
The lovely buttons I received


  1. Was that the one I retweeted for you?
    I cant even remember how i stumbled upon it now LOL

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