A lovely start to the week

Within an hour of publishing the photos of my latest dinosaur I had lots of enquiries about when they would be available to buy! Thank you all for your lovely feedback. I will be making some this week in lots of different lovely colours and I will list them in my Etsy shop very soon. One of these enquiries came from a lovely lady called Lisa, who I chat to on Twitter. She commissioned me to make two birthday presents, one a dinosaur in royal blue with red spots and another monster suitable for her 8 month old, complete with hand embroidered button eyes. I also included a pack of vintage buttons (the next 4 sales in my Etsy shop will also receive a set) and some Happy Birthday stickers typed on my typewriter that Lisa can use to decorate the presents with. What a lovely way to start the week!



  1. I’m so excited to get these I’ll be sitting on my front doorstep again waiting to hound my poor postman! And free buttons! Even more excitement. Thank you once again.

    Lisa xx

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