DIY : Sprout’s post box game

At the moment Sprout is fascinated by the front door and gets particularly excited when we get post. We don’t get a lot of post so I thought I would make her a little post box game for those days when the postman doesn’t visit! She was thrilled when I showed her how to post the playing cards through the slot in the lid and loved the noise each card made as it hit the bottom.

If you would like to make your own posting game you will need a pot with a plastic lid, a permanent marker, a craft knife and something to post into your tin. I picked playing cards because we can talk about the numbers, symbols and colours as we play. **We have discovered that playing cards can be very slippery when they end up all over the floor so please be careful!**

Measure the width of a playing card and mark this onto your lid.

Carefully cut your slit open with the knife. I cut mine a little wider than the card itself so Sprout can easily see where to post it and I also rounded off the edges.

This is one of the favoured games in our house at the moment! I think we will decorate the tin soon with some bright paper or bits of fabric.

If you fancy making your very own post box game then you can buy some useful supplies from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!


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