Tutorial : Roman Stripe Knitted Facecloth

All this week I am sharing my four knitted facecloth patterns. Yesterday I posted the pattern for the Dashed Stripe cloth and today it is the turn of the Roman Stripe!

Knitted Facecloth PatternsThis stitch combination is simple and makes such a lovely delicate pattern, using only knit and purl stitches. Depending on your tension, this facecloth should knit up to be approximately 6 inches square. My facecloths used approximately 20 grams of yarn each.

Roman Stripe Knitted FaceclothThis facecloth is knitted on size 4mm needles and using double knit wool. I used a cotton yarn called Rico Essentials Cotton because it washes well and is super soft. Take a peek at the photo below to see how the pattern looks in different colours. They are knitted in Dark Teal 40 on the left and Silver 03 on the right. If you would like to knit your facecloth using the same cotton you can buy a brilliant selection of colours online from Lemonade Yarns.

Roman Stripe Knitted FaceclothUsing 4mm needles, cast on 36 stitches.
Knit 2 rows.
Knit the pattern below 7 times.

1) Knit
2) K2, Purl to last 2 stitches, K2
3) Knit
4) K2, Purl to last 2 stitches, K2
5) K2, *K1, P1, repeat from * to last two stitches, K2
6) K2, *P1, K1, repeat from * to last two stitches, K2

Then knit the pattern once from row 1 to row 3.
Knit 2 rows.
Cast off.

Happy Knitting! Pattern number three, Wavy Blocks will be posted tomorrow!

Knitted Facecloth Patterns



  1. I have made lots of dishcloths and I have always been disappointed in the way they stretched and lost their initial square shape. I would love to make these facecloths as the suggested gifts idea, but don’t want them to loose their shape as my previous cloths have done. Does the Rico yarn withstand the “shape shifting” ? Thank you!

    • Hi Carly,

      I have washed and used mine lots and they have stayed nice and square! I normally pop them into a drawstring bag and wash them following the band instructions. Hope this helps!


  2. Love your cloths. I have knitted a bunch. They are fun and easy to take any were. Keep up the good work.

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