Sort, Store, Organise : Fabric Scraps

Today is the last post in the Sort, Store, Organise series! I hope you have enjoyed reading all the posts this week, if you have missed any then you can find the complete set here. I hope you are feeling all inspired and ready to tackle that workspace – in preparation for a busy year ahead!

When I first started sewing my fabric scraps used to end up everywhere. I keep every last piece, convinced that it will come in useful for something, for working into a rag rug or making the perfect covered button. Luckily it wasn’t long before I came across a giant glass terrarium in a charity shop. It still had a bit of mud in the bottom so I cleaned it out and then sat with it between my feet for a two hour car journey to get it home. The cork lid doesn’t fit too well but it keeps the dust out and does the job of storing my odds and ends of fabric very well. It’s a great way to store them because I can find bits and bobs quickly and be inspired by different colour combinations!

My scrap jar

I’m sure I will be adding to this series in the future because I am a bit of a storage geek so keep your eyes peeled. I have ideas for new series too, on the way soon! Thank you for reading and for all of your lovely comments this week.



  1. Love that idea. I don’t have fabric scraps but I have dozens of balls of yarn, they would look good in this! Nice decoration for the living room too. Oh I just had a look at your button covering tool post, that’s really cool. Thanks for this series, I have enjoyed all the posts, and looking forward to your next series x

  2. Oh my God, that’s so cool 🙂 I really love that idea… I need to hunt something similarly pretty down for my fabric scraps 🙂
    Thanks for an awesome series 😀

  3. Hi. Just catching up late on this series. What a lovely set of blogs. I really enjoyed reading it and have taken away lots of lovely ideas. Thank you.

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