Tutorial : Hot Water Bottle Cover

This tutorial will show you a really simple way of making a super cosy hot water bottle cover – the perfect homemade Christmas present. This design uses a button down pyjama top which can be found in so many lovely fabrics and it also means that the fastening is already in place for you. It is lined with fleece for extra warmth and comfort.

You will need one button down pyjama top, fleece, a sewing machine, thread, your hot water bottle, card or paper to make a pattern, a pencil and scissors.

The first thing to do is make your pattern. Put the paper down with the hot water bottle on top. Your finished pattern needs to be 5 cms bigger than the water bottle.

Take your pyjama top, chop off the sleeves and cut open the sides so that you are left with the front panel and the back panel. Put your pattern on top of the back panel, pin into place and cut out.

Repeat this for the front, taking care to line up the buttons with the centre of your pattern because you want them to run down the middle of your finished cover.

Cut two pieces of fleece from your pattern. Put one piece to the side and cut the other in half from top to bottom.

These two pieces will be the lining for your front panel. Lie your front panel wrong side up and line up the edges of one fleece piece with one of the edges of the pyjama top. Lift up the hemmed edge of the pyjama top which is behind the buttonholes and hide the fleece underneath. Pin into place and sew close to the edge to secure the fleece lining. Repeat this for the other side of the front panel.

Now that your fleece lining is stitched into place on your front panel you need to secure the ends. Turn the panel right side up and sew from the end to 2cm away from the first button. Do this on both ends of your panel.

Now you are ready to sew your cover together. Place the fleece lining for the back panel on the table with the back panel on top, the right side facing up. Then put the front panel on top, wrong side up. Pin into place and sew all the way around.

Cut notches into all of the curved edges, taking care not to snip through your stitching. This will help to make nice curved edges when you turn it out the right way.

Undo the buttons of your front panel and turn your cover out the right way. Push out all of the corners and pop in your hot water bottle.

Your snuggly hot water bottle cover is now complete! These pyjama tops come in so many designs and colours that you are sure to find something perfect to use for a present!



  1. This is EXACTLY the tutorial I’ve been looking for! I want to make a variety of covers but one using a pair of flannel pyjamas my mum gave me. This will be so good, thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Becky x

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