Tutorial : Felt Tinsel

I love using up every last scrap of fabric. This tutorial will show you a very quick and easy way to make a sweet piece of tinsel that you can make from all of those lovely pieces of felt that you just can’t bear to part with. It can be scaled up or down in size, depending on the felt that you have available and what you want to use your finished tinsel for.

All you need to make your tinsel is small pieces of felt, some thread, a needle, a pair of scissors and some small beads. The felt can be any shape, I like to use pieces that have angular edges so that the finished tinsel has good texture.

Unwind a long piece of the thread, twice as long as you want your finished tinsel to be. Thread your bead halfway down the thread and knot it into place with a double knot.

Thread both of the cut ends of the thread through the needle.

Put the needle into the centre of the first piece of felt and push it right down to sit on top of the bead.

Continue threading on the pieces of felt, in any order you like to build up your tinsel.

When your tinsel is long enough you can secure your felt in place with another bead on the end. Thread your bead onto one of your pieces of thread, like in the photo below.

Tie your two pieces of thread in a double knot around your bead, close to the last pieces of felt.

Pull your knot to secure it, then trim off the long ends of thread and move the pieces of felt around so that they cover the knot.

Your lovely piece of felt tinsel is now finished and looking very lovely!

By varying the colours and size of the felt you can make a variety of tinsels for every occasion!



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