Present in the Post – July

This month’s present in the post would be the perfect thing to wear whilst baking a cake or making a batch of your favourite cookies. The pinny I have picked for one of my lovely subscribers to win was the most popular new design from a recent post. It is made from 100 % cotton, the skirt is a pale pink fabric with sweet little red flowers. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is subscribe to my blog via email or become a wordpress follower (these are the only two ways I can see you!) and you will be entered into the giveaway every single month. To subscribe by email, just click the follow button in the right hand column and follow the instructions. I will be announcing the winner on the 29th of July…good luck!



    • I was thinking about you the other day (its George’s sister in law) how’s Canada?

      • Hey! how are you? I’m doing pretty well thanks. I’ve Finished teaching for the summer, so finally trying to get So Scone off the ground here. I have a lot of stock to rebuild!

      • I am fab, just waiting for my very naughty and stubborn baby to be born.
        Canada will be blown away by your gorgeous wares,i am still in love with the ‘duck bag’ we gave to Dans Aunt for Xmas last year.

      • Oh a baby! congrats! I bet George can’t wait to make a billion baby-sized things for you. Pop over and say hello on my blog and feel free to encourage others to do the same (you may find some baby-sized things pooping up soon) : )

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