Books books!

I love all kinds of books but as you can imagine I have a weakness for a certain type of book. Here are some really good ones that I would recommend.

Weekend Sewing has beautiful photographs and is ring bound so that you don’t keep losing your page or have to hold it open with your foot whilst trying to do six other things. The instructions are straight forward, there are some lovely things to make and thank god the patterns are full size and ready to go (so when you get that urge to sew you don’t have to run around madly trying to enlarge things by 200%!).

These following two books are like little encyclopedias! They give you all the ingredients for you to dream up your own patterns or to adapt existing ones.

This next one I particularly love, think of all the crazy beautiful blankets that you could dream up. And goodness knows that I have enough wool. O the possibilities!

(Please note : The Amazon links in this post are affiliate links so if you buy the book through this link I receive a small referral fee.)



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