Play : Egg scooping

No matter what the weather Sprout loves to play in the garden, so I’m looking forward to Spring days when the temperature is on the rise. On these chilly winter days I’ve been thinking of some of the lovely games we played outdoors last year and remembered this one. Last Easter Daddy set up a lovely scooping game for them to play in the garden which was so simple and endlessly versatile.

Daddy filled our garden tray with water, added some empty plastic eggs and asked Sprout to pick a spoon or a scoop. She was so good at using the bigger scoops that we quickly swapped them for a smaller spoon! It was great fun chasing the bobbing eggs around the tray. She asked for a plate so she could collect the eggs she had fished out.

After finding chocolate inside at Easter, Sprout was a bit bemused her floating eggs were empty, so clever Daddy hid blueberries inside some of them, healthy, waterproof and tasty!