Sprout loves : IKEA Måla watercolour pencils

One year on holiday in France I bought a tin of watercolour pencils. I loved colouring with them and adding water to turn them into paintings. I had completely forgotten about them, until a friend said that she had bought these amazing pencils from IKEA! IKEA Måla pencils come in a pack of ten colours and they are perfect for small hands bcause they are a bit chunkier than normal colouring pencils.

The colours are surprisingly vibrant for only £3.50 and the pack even includes a sharpener. We used watercolour paper because I knew that Sprout would want to add lots of water, but you could just as easily use card. Even Penguin got involved!

We used a refillable paintbrush, which Sprout loves because she doesn’t have to pause for even a second!

Then we dipped the pencils straight into the water!

These are gorgeous pencils and I’ll definitely be buying some more packs next time we go to IKEA, they would make fantastic presents.


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