Sprout makes : Bingo dabber pictures

At the Family Saturday workshop at aspex gallery last weekend, Sprout discovered paint dabbers. She absolutely loved making them go splat all over her masterpiece. We decided that they were an essential piece of craft kit so bought some of our own.

We found ours in Wilkinsons, where they have three different colours and they were on sale for 27p each! Sprout was delighted to discover that not only can you make spotty circles but you can also draw with them and make thick painty lines.

The colours have enough pigment to layer them up and they dry pretty quickly too. It would be great fun to take a pen and add details like faces or turn the splats into caterpillars.

Some of these pictures will make gorgeous cards! We thoroughly enjoyed this process art, experimenting with marks, swapping colours and painting with lots of energy!


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