Sprout makes : Scratch art

Sprout had a go at some scratch art recently and made a lovely little bookmark. When we discovered how easy it was to make our very own paper we had to try it out.

To make some you will need some card (we used a cereal box), some wax crayons in bright colours, black acrylic paint, waching up liquid and a paintbrush. Take your crayons and colour in your card, covering as much white as possible. Sprout did a great job on her piece of card and then we swapped so I could fill in any gaps.

Next pour some black paint into a bowl and add a squirt of washing up liquid. My mixture was approximately 3 tablespoons of paint to 1 of washing up liquid. Mix them together well and then slap the paint on top of your colouring, nice and thick!

We left ours to dry overnight, found some cutlery to scratch with and set to work immediately after breakfast!


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