Sprout makes : Bubble painting

A rainy day in our house normally calls for one of three things. Splashing in puddles with Sprout’s Floss & Rock umbrella, a book marathon or a spot of process art!

Whilst Sprout was napping I started mixing up paint, washing up liquid and water so we could experiment with some bubble painting. It took quite a bit of trial and error but I eventually landed on a mix which worked really well.

That recipe goes as follows :

2 tablespoons paint

2 tablespoons washing up liquid

1 tablespoon water

I mixed up one bowl of bubble paint to show Sprout how it worked and then she helped me to measure out the other mixtures. I put a different straw into each bowl and we set to work! I was in charge of blowing the bubbles (make sure that if your little one blows the bubbles they know to blow OUT ONLY) and Sprout caught them by laying the paper on top.

Sprout loved it when she picked up the paper to discover bubbles still in tact.

We loved all the little clusters of bubbles hiding under the bigger bubbles, so we found a bubble wand to scoop them out and add them to our pictures.

These beautiful paintings would make lovely backgrounds for underwater or space pictures!


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