Sprout loves : Saponista’s Laundry Stain Removal Bar

My friend Charlotte recommended Saponista’s laundry stain removal bar to me and I’m so happy I tried it out. I’m trying to use less plastic and more natural products and this bar helps with both of those goals. Sprout also has sensitive skin and this bar has no harsh chemicals in it. The soap itself is a beautiful flower shape and it comes tucked into a little hessian bag. I have used it on paint, all sorts of food (including strawberries), dried blood, grease, grass and even old stains that have been through the washing machine, all of which have come out after a quick scrub. This bar has saved countless t-shirts and the odd pair of jeans from the bin.

To use the bar, you simply wet the soap under the cold tap and give the stain a good scrub. Then rinse the garment and scrub it again until the stain disappears. Sometimes the stain isn’t 100% gone, but by the time it comes out of the washing machine it has disappeared. The stains come out most easily if you manage to get to work on them straight away, but both the t-shirts below were stained for a good ten and five hours respectively. The top t-shirt is covered in non-washable paint and the bottom t-shirt was worn strawberry picking. Every single mark came out!

A very nice smelling box was just delivered by my postman, with 17 soaps inside! I’ve recommended this bar to so many friends, they all wanted one!


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