Play : Dinosaurs in ice

Sprout loves being outside and even rainy days find us in the garden. We find our wellies and coats and out we go to dig, play hide and seek and sweep the path (another favourite garden game!). When we come back inside Sprout normally asks to do something crafty, but today we explored something new, dinosaurs in ice!

I picked some dinosaurs last night and froze them in one big container. Their tails stuck out, acting as a handle to pull them out of the pot. I’d love to experiment with ice cubes too because this was huge chunk of ice was pretty unwieldy!

Sprout knew exactly what she wanted to get and ran off to find her penguins “to peck them out Mummy!”

Then we tried to bang the ice with a hammer, scoop it with a spoon and water it with the watering can!

Sprout really enjoyed the challenge and surprised me with her suggestions on how to free them. She decided to leave the ice to melt overnight and in the morning, the dinosaurs had their own paddling pool to splash in!


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