DIY: Upcycled painting star cards

For as long as I can remember I have sent thank you cards and now Sprout and I enjoy making and sending them together. They are the perfect opportunity to delve into our craft box and surface armed with paint, glitter glue and plenty of stickers. I also find it useful to have a stash of cards ready to go for those days when someone surprises us with a gift or when Sprout decides to do puzzles all day long and isn’t interested in crafting (rare but it does happen!) These upcycled painting cards are just the thing to have to hand.

To make our cards I picked some paintings and found some card, scissors, sticky squares and my trusty star template (made from cereal box card).

I enjoyed drawing round my template and seeing colourful stars appear from Sprout’s paintings.

Simply pop a sticky square in the middle of each shape and attach it to your card. You could use double sided tape or any paper glue you have to hand but I love how these little squares raise the shapes up off the card.

Now to write them and let Sprout decorate the insides!


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