Sprout makes : Party bags

It was Sprout’s second birthday on Saturday and we had such a wonderful day. We started the day with a party, played on the beach in the afternoon and finished our day with fish and chips and a spot of stargazing!

The party bags were great fun to make, we took plain brown paper bags and set to work with glue and our collage box.

Sprout loves using a paintbrush to spread the glue. We used PVA so all the different things in our sticking collection would stay put.

One of her favourite ways to decorate the bags was with “sprinkles”. These are shapes cut from paper using a shaped punch and then liberally sprinkled onto glue.

I opened the bags and stood them up to dry so the two sides wouldn’t stick together. Sprout decided which bag was for each of her guests and we filled them with colouring books, crayon cakes, chocolate coins and a homemade felt character.


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