Play : Sprout’s threading bag

Every time I finished a sewing marathon and emptied a cotton reel I would keep it. I’m not sure what I planned to do with them but they would have been recycled into one project or another. They have now found their way into Sprout’s threading bag!

To the reels I added some oversized buttons, an ELC threading set and some flat spotty laces. It all lives in a dinosaur print drawstring bag and Sprout has a rummage most days. If we aren’t threading then we are balancing and building towers or feeding the ladybirds their breakfast (which normally consists of a button or two).

She loves the variety of items in her bag, all with different sized holes to thread. We have found that when we thread through a few holes in the buttons they don’t move much so are good stoppers for the ends, to stop everything falling off!


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