Sprout makes : Fork painted fireworks

At playgroup recently we excitedly went over to the craft table to discover that not only was the activity for that week painting, but painting with forks! Sprout wasn’t at all fazed because we use all sorts of things as paintbrushes in our house and it was a great mark marking experiment. The next time we sat down to paint, Sprout asked for a fork, so we tried out some collaborative firework pictures!

Daddy, Sprout and I put a piece of paper in the middle of the table with a big blob of paint in the middle and each picked up our forks. We counted down and when we got to blast off, we all started scraping the paint in a different direction. It was really fun and made Sprout giggle so much!

We let them dry and then did the same on top in a different colour. Fantastic fireworks!


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