Treasure tin : Velcro blocks

When Sprout was tiny, her lovely auntie Emma bought her a great big bag of small building blocks, the perfect size for her to grasp in her little hands. We have rediscovered them recently and with the addition of a little bit of Velcro they make a fantastic treasure tin activity!

Sprout loves to stick all of the same colour together and Matt loves to offset the bricks and try to make a standing arch!

All you need is a selection of small blocks, a pair of scissors and some stick on Velcro. Chop your Velcro into small pieces, slightly smaller than your block. Put the scratchy hooks onto one surface of your brick and the soft loops onto the opposite. Press them down firmly to ensure the glue sticks onto the block.

I also found some triangles and semi circles in our collection, which stick together to make a square and a circle or onto a block to make a little house! There are so many games you could play with these, what would you do?


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