Sprout makes : Tissue paper colouring

Sprout loves colouring at the moment. Her crayons and colouring books are a permanent feature on her little table in the living room. I love watching her think about which colour she wants to use and which part of the picture to attack with her crayon. She also loves sticking, so I thought we would combine the two in a way that she can quickly get lots of colour onto her picture.

All you need to get started is a page from a colouring book, some odd bits of tissue paper and a glue stick. I gave Sprout the tissue paper and asked her what colour she would like the fish to be, the sun to be and so on. She ripped up the paper and then we stuck it into place together.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Bear even joined us to help pick colours! This was a great activity for learning to use a glue stick, choosing and naming colours and didn’t take long to complete.

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