DIY : Sensory pat mats

Sprout loves sensory play but also putting things in her mouth…cue pat mats! This is perfect for us because everything is neatly sealed inside a pocket. It’s also great if you have been hunting for non messy sensory play!

To make your own pat mats you will need some laminating pouches, a pair of straighteners, some baby oil or water and things to add to your pouches. I used beads, buttons, sequins and feathers. You can also dye your liquid using food colouring.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

**Just remember, don’t include anything sharp or abrasive that could puncture the mat and supervise your little one at all times whilst playing.**

To make your pat mats you need to seal both long sides and the bottom of your laminating pouch, leaving the top edge open. Using hot straighteners, run them directly along the pouch, creating an inch sealed border. Pour your baby oil or water directly into the pouch, making sure to keep the top clean because you need to seal this later. Add your sensory items, then squash out as much air as you can and seal the top edge.

Hours of fun and learning made in minutes!


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