DIY : Sprout’s taggie blanket

When I decided to make a taggie blanket for Sprout, my extensive haberdashery collection was tipped onto the lounge floor and I had a good dig to find some interesting treasures. She was particularly fond of straps and labels at that point, so I picked out a nice variety of webbing, ribbon and tape. I had to include a piece of tape measure to reference my love of sewing too! I wanted the blanket bit to be interesting, so I chose one of my favourite fabrics, which is very busy and I sewed a piece of space blanket inside to make a nice crinkle sound.

To make your own taggie blanket you will need two squares of fabric, one for the top and one for the bottom. Sprout’s blanket is a square which measures approximately 30 x 30 cm. You can also put a crinkle layer in the middle if you like and round off the corners. Cut your two or three layers to the same size and cut all the tags too. Sprout has a mix of ribbon, ric rac, cotton tape, a tape measure, elastic, piping cord, webbing and bias binding in her blanket. I tried to vary the lengths, folded over some tags and left some as single pieces, knotted the cotton tape and layered some of the ribbon.

Processed with VSCO with preset

To make your blanket, lay your top fabric on the table, right side up and arrange your tags around the edge with the ends that will be hidden hanging over the edge and the loops all pointing into the middle. Once you are happy with the placement, lay your bottom fabric on top, right side to right side and then your crinkle layer on top of that, if using. Use hundreds of pins at this point, to keep all those tags in place as you sew! I sewed round and round, at least three or four times to keep everything securely in place. Don’t forget to leave a gap for turning it out the right way.

2017-10-01 10.27.12 1-600x800

Then I notched the corners so the curve would look lovely when I turned it right side out and trimmed the tags so they were level with the fabrics. After turning I top stitched the edge in order to close the gap, add another layer of security and to make it look pretty!

2017-10-01 10.27.09 1-800x600

For a while the blanket was always with us when we went out in the pushchair, often half tucked down into her cosy toes. Now that Sprout is nearly 18 months old, it lives in the car and is a welcome and familiar distraction on long journeys.

Happy sewing!

If you fancy trying out my DIY you can buy some useful supplies from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!


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