Sprout makes : Egg box turtles

Sprout is completely enthralled with all things under the sea at the moment and when I was looking at a turtle in one of her favourite books it occurred to me that we could make our very own family of turtles from the growing collection of egg boxes in our kitchen (we eat a lot of eggs in our house!). I organise the craft activity each week for my local NCT group and this make was an absolute winner, simple to make and who doesn’t love googly eyes?!

To make your own turtles you need just a few basic materials. You will need an egg box, some scissors, coloured card and glue. If you would like to print out my template for the turtle’s body you can find that here. It has 5 turtle bodies on one A4 sheet so you can make a whole turtle family or share with friends.

Cut out the individual cups from the egg box, leaving them a little longer than you would like the finished shell to be. Fold over the edges as shown in the photo below. Cut out your body template.

Pop some glue onto the folded over edges of your shell and press it into place onto the turtle body. I would recommend putting something heavy onto top whilst the glue dries. An empty glass will do the job perfectly. Stick your eyes into place and your turtle is finished!

Why not decorate the shells with paint or stickers?


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