The Cass Sculpture Foundation

When you have wanted to go somewhere and do something for so long, sometimes the reality doesn’t live up to your expectations. We have wanted to go to the Cass Sculpture Foundation for years, since before I was even pregnant with Sprout, so I decided that my birthday was the perfect excuse to make the hour long trip. We absolutely loved every minute of it! I think we chose the right time to go because Sprout is now confidently walking, very curious and happy to bumble along outdoors, looking and touching everything. Luckily the lovely lady who greeted us in the main gallery said that you can touch all the sculptures outside, so we all enjoyed a complete sensory experience!

195.5 Arc x 14, 2012 By Bernar Venet


Portal, 2006 by Jonathan Loxley


The sculpture park is set in 26 acres of woodland, with paths that lead you to each sculpture in turn. There is a quirky picnic area, conceived by artist David Brooks, where trees grow directly through the chairs and benches themselves. The scenery itself is breathtaking and the whole site is a perfect backdrop to the amazing sculptures you will discover.

Panorama 2, 2016 by Wang Wei


Gate, 2008 by Rob Ward

Sprout’s favourite exhibit seemed to be the gigantic trio of dinosaurs, where we spent time playing hide and seek, roaring loudly and admiring their majesty against our tiny little girl.

The Meek shall Inherit the Earth but not the Mineral Rights, 2007 by Jake and Dinos Chapman

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