BLW: Soda bread

Our adventures with weaning are going very well and Sprout is happy to devour anything we put in front of her! I decided to give bread making a go, so that I knew exactly what was in it. I discovered that soda bread is the simplest bread to start with, simply mixed up and put straight in the oven, with little kneading and no proving.

2017-10-04 08.45.53 1_crop_900x900

I used Paul Hollywood’s recipe, but used half the amount of salt and substituted plain wholemeal flour for strong wholemeal flour, as that’s what was in the cupboard! I just needed to cook it for an extra 15 minutes on a lower temperature. Its best eaten fresh, so I waited for it to cool, sliced it up and popped it in the freezer. On the menu today, a deconstructed cheese soda bread sandwich, with banana for pudding!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset




  1. We love soda bread! Where did you buy your buttermilk? I haven’t seen it in the shops or I’d have made some soda bread of my own by now – the ready made stuff isn’t available round here.

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