Tea tip : giant knitting!

This tea tip (learn something new and useful in the time it takes to make and drink your cup of tea!) will show you how to complete a giant knitting project without getting into a giant tangle!

Giant Knitting

Giant knitting needles mean that you can work with multiple balls of wool to make something super chunky but this can also be tricky. I tried lots of different ways to stop the yarns tangling and I’ve now worked out a way of knitting with nine balls of wool at once!

Tea tip : Giant Knitting

Simply pop each ball of wool into its own bag! I tried all sorts of bags but found these see through bags with a seal top the easiest. That way you can easily see when a ball is about to run out and you can keep the top mostly closed so your ball doesn’t pop out. Then pull each strand of yarn one at a time and peg them together. This holds all the strands in one place and makes it very easy to complete your giant knitting project with a minimum amount of tangles!

Tea tip : Giant Knitting

Happy knitting!


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