DIY : Braided Jersey Dog Toy

Everyone loves a home made gift and dogs are no exception! I made some braided jersey dog toys for my friends dogs this Christmas and they absolutely love them! Jo says that every time they come home they have been left somewhere else in the house after they have been playing with them. To make your own all you need is some strips of jersey.

DIY : Braided Dog Toy

The strips of jersey I used measured a metre long and were 5 cm wide. Each toy was braided out of 15 strips, 5 in each section. Get all your pieces together and tie them in a giant knot.

DIY : Braided Dog Toy

Pull it as tight as you can. Braid your strips together as far down as you can, then tie another knot on the other end. It’s as simple as that!

DIY : Braided Dog Toy

Happy making!

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