That lovely time of year

That lovely time of year has arrived, when I put the finishing touches to the advent calendars I have been stitching, ready for December! This year I have been working on a new design and have made two snowmen for my lovely nephews. I will be sure to take some photos before they go to their new home and I will share them soon.

Handmade advent calendar

In previous years I have stitched a Christmas tree for Matt and a pudding for my niece. Do you have a hand made advent calendar?

The handmade advent calendar.

Advent Calendar



  1. Hello Lovely George!!! What a completely talented girl you are! I had so much fun looking at these. As you know I love making things too. So It was like a treasure trove and a really brilliant surprise. Your stiching is so perfect. I love the simple flannels, I love your advent calenders…..the best though has to be the quilt. It is quite an emotional thing. So many memories will be locked into it when it is finished. I made a (rubbish compared to yours) bed quilt, with big big squares, all I could do, for Harriet, out of her old baby clothes. It still takes me back when I touch the fabric or look at the patterns. Pattern rules the world eh?! Tee hee.
    Looking forward to seeing you again. xxxxLove Rachel

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