Tea tip : free machine quilting

This tea tip (learn something new and useful in the time it takes to make and drink your cup of tea!) will show you how use free machine embroidery to finish off your latest quilt! All you need is your sewing machine, a trickmarker, an embroidery hoop, your quilt and either a darning foot or to be able to drop your feed dogs.

Tea tip : Free machine quilting

For this quilt I made a simple patchwork top using squares of cotton and then backed it with fleece. I didn’t put any wadding in the middle because it needs to be fairly thin for this technique to work. To get started decide where you want your first piece of stitching to be and draw your motif onto the fabric with your trickmarker. Place the embroidery hoop over this section and secure in place. This will hold all of the layers together whilst you quilt them.

Tea tip : Free machine quilting

Use your machine to quilt this shape, using the outline as your guide. Some of my hearts are outlines and some I filled in with stitching to add variety to my quilt.

Tea tip : Free machine quilting

Happy quilting!


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