DIY : Super simple flannels

When we were packing to move house, I found some old towels which were past their best. I didn’t want to throw them away so decided to re-purpose them into lovely flannels! I raided my fabric scraps for small pieces of cotton and stitched myself a whole batch! To make your very own, follow my super simple DIY below.

DIY : Flannel

To make some of these flannels you will need some old towels, some soft cotton, your sewing machine and a needle and thread. Make sure to pre wash your cotton so that it doesn’t shrink when you wash your flannels. I didn’t make my flannels the same size, but instead cut a piece of towel to fit each scrap of cotton.

DIY : Flannel

Pin your two pieces right sides together. Stitch all the way around, leaving a small gap to turn your flannel the right way out. If you like you can round off the corners too.

DIY : Flannel

When you have stitched your two pieces together, make sure to cut notches into the seam allowance of each corner. This will make them a lovely shape when turned the right way out.

DIY : Flannel

Turn your flannel the right way through the small opening and push out each corner. Press the flannel neatly and stitch the opening shut by hand.

DIY : Flannel

To finish your flannel, top stitch all the way around the edge. I like to quilt my flannels too as this holds the two layers together nicely. You could stitch a few lines straight across or try out something that fits nicely with the pattern of the fabric.

DIY : Flannel

Happy making!



  1. Great idea. I stumbled upon your site while browsing for tips on starting a blog.. And for some reason, your simplify caught my eye and captured my heart. I read your first post and was encouraged by it. I’m 60+ having taken retirement couple of years ago to spend time doing fun stuff. I’ve always loved to make things, knit, cook and paint. I’m so tempted to start my blog but nervous at the same time of starting at this age. What do you think?

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