Sprout makes : fingerprint flowers

There are so many beautiful flowers out at the moment and you can make your very own everlasting blooms with a bit of help from your little ones! This DIY uses materials that you probably already have at home and it’s also a lovely way of preserving your child’s fingerprints. I have stuck my flowers onto a card, but you could use them to decorate all sorts of things or even make a mini garden on a piece of green card!

Little hands make : Fingerprint flowers

To make some fingerprint flowers you will need some strips of green paper and some white paper, Versacraft ink or Poster paint, a Pritt Stick, paper scissors and your little one! The strips measure two centimetres wide and are the longest length of a piece of A4 paper. I have used Versacraft ink because it is non-toxic and child safe and washes off nicely. If you use poster paint make sure it is also safe for little hands.

Little hands make : Fingerprint flowers

Start off by making your stems. I used two different colours for my stems to make them look more interesting. Stick the two pieces together with the Pritt Stick at a ninety degree angle. Fold one strip over another so that the strips lay on top of each other to make a spring. When you get to the end, stick the two pieces together and trim off any excess.

Little hands make : Fingerprint flowers

Take your white paper and ink or paint to make your flowers. I use one colour for the middle and another for the petals. Print your petals and leave your flowers to dry, then carefully cut them out.

Little hands make : Fingerprint flowers

Then simply stick your springy stems onto the back of your flowers and your lovely blooms are complete! Happy Making!

Little hands make : Fingerprint flowers

Little hands make : Fingerprint flowers

If you fancy making your own fingerprint flowers then you can buy some useful supplies from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!


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