DIY : Felt chick

I love working with felt and so I’ve written a pattern for a little felt chick, that you can stitch in your favourite colours. In this post you will find full instructions and a pattern to print out so that you can make your very own Easter chick for next weekend!

DIY : Felt chick

To make your very own chick you will need some felt, little buttons for the eyes, a pair of scissors, a sewing needle, some matching embroidery threads, a small amount of stuffing and one chick template. Simply print out your template onto paper and cut out the pieces. From felt, cut two body pieces, two wings, one comb and a small triangle for the beak.

DIY : Felt chick

Stitch the little buttons in place for eyes and then position the wings and stitch in place. There is a guide to help you position the wings on the body template. I like to stitch my wings on with a single line of stitching along the top so that they can move about but you could stitch them down if your prefer.

DIY : Felt chick

Put your two chick bodies together, wrong sides together. Starting at the bottom, start sewing the two pieces together with a simple running stitch.

DIY : Felt chick

When you reach your chick’s head, pop the comb in between the two layers and carry on sewing around the edge, through all three layers. Do the same for his beak!

DIY : Felt chick

Continue stitching past his beak, leaving a small gap at the bottom. Pop some stuffing inside, starting by filling his head and tail. Once he is nice and plump, stitch the opening closed. Your chick is finished!

DIY : Felt chick

DIY : Felt chick

Happy Making and I hope you have a lovely Easter with your family and friends!


  1. Love the little brown one. They look lovely just right for decorating house/table at Easter.

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