DIY : Felt daffodil

I think that there is something really special about a handmade Mother’s Day present. It reminds me of being small, making something in secret and knowing that my Mum would be thrilled with whatever I produced. If you normally give your Mum flowers on Mother’s Day, why not make her a felt daffodil? My simple DIY will show you how to make a cheerful daffodil that could be worn as a brooch and will last for years!

DIY : Felt Daffodil

To make your very own bunch of daffodils you will need one daffodil template, yellow felt, orange felt, an orange button, scissors, pinking shears and a glue gun. If you want to make your daffodil into a brooch you will also need a brooch back.

DIY : Felt Daffodil

The first step is to cut one daffodil shape out of the yellow felt, using the template. For the trumpet you will need to cut a piece which measures 3 inches by 1 inch from the orange felt . Trim the very top of one long edge with your pinking shears to make the distinctive shape of a daffodil centre.

DIY : Felt Daffodil

Next you need to make your trumpet! Make a tube by overlapping the two short edges. Make sure that your button fits comfortably inside and glue these edges together. Trim off any excess. Turn your trumpet upside down and cut four evenly spaced slits into the bottom. Fold these into the middle, overlapping one another and stick down. Turn it the right way up, pop a bit of glue inside at the bottom and place your button on top of the glue, sticking it down inside your trumpet.

DIY : Felt Daffodil

Stick your trumpet straight into the middle of your daffodil shape, using the glue gun. Next you want to put a small line of glue right at the base of your trumpet, which lines up with the base of one of the petals. Push this petal up so that it sticks in place and hold it while the glue dries. Repeat this with alternate petals until you have stuck three into place.  Then glue the other three in exactly the same way, this makes the petals stand up nicely and look realistic.

DIY : Felt Daffodil

Now your lovely daffodil is complete! You could add a brooch back or even stick a toffee apple stick onto the reverse to complete your present.

DIY : Felt Daffodil

Happy Making!

DIY : Felt Daffodil

If you fancy making your very felt daffodils then you can buy some useful supplies from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!


  1. Loved your daffodils, so easy to follow the instructions and great results.😀😀

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