My festive mantelpiece : Day Four

Last night I spent a lovely hour unwrapping my box of Christmas decorations. I’m so lucky to have a beautiful collection of ornaments that I have been given by my family and friends. I’ve chosen my favourites to go on my festive mantelpiece, the first few have been added today and some more will be added tomorrow. I used the old bottles from my parents, which we used for our flowers at our wedding, to hang them on.

My festive mantelpieceThe first is a delicate wooden tree, which my sister and brother in law brought us back from Cologne, from a Christmas market right next to the cathedral. This was a table present, from the first Christmas we spent in their new home with them.

My festive mantelpiece

The second is a little ceramic angel, which my parents bought whilst on holiday in Prague. I love that it was found somewhere snowy and cold! My angel looks like me, with red hair and blue eyes and my sister has a matching one which has dark hair.

My festive mantelpiece

The third decoration was given to me by Matt, the first Christmas that we were engaged. It’s a sweet ceramic tree sprinkled with stamped stars and with the word ‘love’ in the base!

My festive mantelpieceIf you miss any posts you will be able to find them all here. See you tomorrow!


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