Make for Men : Cufflink Case

We wanted to make our wedding as handmade as possible and this even extended to the gifts for our bridal party! For our two ushers I made cufflink cases, from the same blue linen as the ties and lined with dark grey felt. I have written a tutorial so that you can make one too!

Make for Men : Cufflink Case

Handmade Bridal Party GiftsTo make your very own you will need some outer fabric, felt for the lining and felt for the insert. You will also need a piece of cotton tape and a button. Ideal fabrics for the outer include linen or a lightweight suiting. Once you have assembled your materials, cut one outer and one lining measuring 5.5″ x 11″. Cut one insert from felt which measures 3.75″ x 9″ and cut a piece of tape that is 3.5″ long.

Make for Men : Cufflink CaseFirst you need to stitch your button into place on your outer piece. Use a piece of chalk to mark out the centre and your seam allowance on one of the short edges, so that you can see where your button will end up. If you hold a small square of felt behind your button as you sew it into place, it will anchor it more firmly.

Make for Men : Cufflink CasePlace your piece of tape in a loop with the ends matching the edges of the fabric and at the opposite end to your button. Place your piece of felt for the lining on top so that they are right sides facing and pin carefully into place.

Sew all the way around the edge of your case, leaving yourself an opening along one of the long sides for turning out. Backstitch over the side with the tape to make it extra secure. Trim off the excess fabric around the corners and along the edges.

Make for Men : Cufflink CaseTurn your cufflink case the right way out through the opening, press and slip stitch the opening closed. Top stitch neatly all the way around the edge.


Make for Men : Cufflink CasePut your case down with the lining facing up. Measure the middle and draw a line with chalk straight up the centre. Repeat with the insert, match these lines and pin together. Stitch along this line, from top to bottom and through all layers.

Make for Men : Cufflink CaseTake your insert and fold in half, along the centre line. Match the edges carefully and pin into place. Starting at the top near the fold, sew all the way around all three edges. Now you have a double thickness of felt to cushion the cufflinks.

Make for Men : Cufflink CaseNow all you need to do is stitch some buttonholes to hold your cufflinks in place. Position these in your insert to match some favourite sets of cufflinks. I stitched eight buttonholes to hold 4 sets of small cufflinks or two sets of larger cufflinks. Pop a pin at the end of each buttonhole and use an unpicker to cut it open. The pin placed at the end will stop you cutting open the buttonhole at the other end. Take care to cut through both layers of felt.

Make for Men : Cufflink CaseYour cufflink case is finished! Thank you for reading and happy making!

Make for Men : Cufflink CaseIf you fancy making your own cufflink case then you can buy some useful supplies from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!



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