Our Handmade Wedding : Our Jenga Guestbook!

Matt and I wanted an alternative guest book for our wedding. We love notebooks but thought that it might sit on a shelf unread. We also loved the idea of having a print that everyone could sign or add a message to, but we have so many photos and prints already waiting to be framed and hung! So we decided to buy a blank Jenga set and give each of our guests a brick to write their message on. Every time we play a game we will be able to see all the notes from our family and friends!

Jenga Guest BookIf you would like to make your own Jenga guestbook, all you need is a blank Jenga set and some biros! A card with some instructions is a good idea too.

Our Handmade Wedding : Our Jenga Guestbook!We tied each block onto the instructions using brown string and popped it on each place setting and there was a bag on the present table for the decorated blocks.

Our Handmade Wedding : Our Jenga Guestbook!Our friends and family were so inventive and some people wrote on every surface of the block. Our beautiful 2 year old niece coloured one in too!

Jenga Guest BookIf you fancy making your own Jenga guestbook then you can buy a blank set from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!


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