Cacti in Naples!

If you love cacti as much as me and are heading to Naples any time soon then I have a couple of places you should put on your to-visit list!

Orto Botanico di NapoliFirstly there is the Orto Botanico di Napoli, a beautiful botanical garden which you will find on Via Foria. The gates at the bottom of the stairs may look shut, but give them a push and you can let yourself in. There is no charge and you can spend all morning wandering around the beautiful grounds, which include greenhouses, hundreds of mature trees and an extensive cacti section!

Orto Botanico di NapoliSecondly if you fancy a boat ride from Naples to the island of Ischia you can visit Giardini Ravino. Hop on the Line 1 bus and when you get close to Forio, keep an eye out on the left for the garden’s entrance. Unfortunately they are shut on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I didn’t get to go in, but if the outside was this impressive, I can only imagine what was inside!

Giardini Ravino, Ischia


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