Tutorial : Infinity Scarf

I live by the seaside and there is nearly always a breeze coming off the sea. So although Spring has certainly sprung, I always have a stash of handmade scarves ready to keep me cosy! A very simple and stylish scarf to make is an infinity scarf, which is a loop of fabric which you wrap around like a snood. You can make it from practically any fabric, my favourites are sheer floaty fabrics and soft jerseys. This tutorial will show you step by step how to stitch your very own infinity scarf.

Tutorial : Infinity ScarfYou will need some jersey fabric, a pair of dressmaking scissors, matching thread and your sewing machine. Cut a piece of fabric approximately 55 inches/140cm long by 24 inches/60cm wide. Trim off the selvedges because they have a different degree of stretch.

**These measurements can easily be adjusted once you have made your first scarf, the dimensions are quite personal as some people love to be able to wrap their scarves several times around.**

Tutorial : Infinity ScarfPin the long edges of your fabric right sides together. Then stitch along this edge, using a zig zag stitch. Trim off the excess with pinking shears to reduce the bulk of your finished scarf. Leave the short ends open.

Tutorial : Infinity ScarfNow turn your scarf out the right way. Find the seams and line them up, right sides together. Take a look at the photo below.

Tutorial : Infinity ScarfPin these seams right sides together. Work your way along the edges, pinning together as you go. It will get tricky to pin the fabric together the further round you get, but pin as far as you can.

Tutorial : Infinity ScarfWhen you have pinned as far as you can, your scarf will look similar to the photo below.

Tutorial : Infinity ScarfNow you need to sew along this pinned edge. Start back at the seam where you first started pinning and sew around, as far as you can go. Make sure that you are moving the rest of the scarf out of the way as you are sewing. When you have sewn most of the way round, it will look like the photo below. Simply push the seam inside your tube.

Tutorial : Infinity ScarfYou will have a small opening, which you need to carefully pin and then hand stitch shut.

Tutorial : Infinity ScarfYour beautiful scarf is now complete!

Tutorial : Infinity ScarfIf you fancy making your own infinity scarf then you can buy some useful supplies from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the link in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!


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