Sashiko embroidery

When you want to make someone a handmade present you need to be sure that they will love it, before you invest a lot of time and love into making it. When trying to think what to make for Dan this Christmas, I remembered that he is interested in Japanese culture. This led me to trying my first piece of Sashiko! This is a Japanese form of embroidery, traditionally used to reinforce clothing on areas that will wear quickly. The patterns that the simple stitches make are geometric and really striking and whilst you can use any materials that you like, indigo fabric and white thread are the traditional combination.

I stitched two different designs into the centre of some linen panels and turned them into place mats. There are so many designs that I want to try out now!

Sashiko embroiderySashiko embroiderySashiko embroidery



  1. Beautiful! I had seen this type of embroidery before Christmas and have pinned loads of it on Pinterest. Definitely on my to-do list for 2014.

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