Tutorial : Seed Stitch

This month’s tutorial will teach you a simple but very effective embroidery stitch! After I embroidered a number one using this stitch for my niece’s first birthday, lots of you asked me to write a seed stitch tutorial so that you could do the same. You can use this stitch in any piece of embroidery that you are working on, I love to fill the outlines of numbers and letters with these tiny stitches in my favourite colours.

How to sew seed stitchTo get stitching you will need some fabric, an embroidery hoop, some embroidery threads, a needle, scissors and a fading fabric pen or some chalk. I love stitching on calico with bright colours!

How to sew seed stitchFirst you need to prepare your fabric. Give it a good press with an iron and pop the warm fabric straight into your hoop. This will give you a lovely canvas to work on. If you are going to stitch a letter you can draw it freehand or print out a template using one of your favourite fonts. If using a template, pop it behind your hoop and trace the outline using your fabric pen. You can use chalk but these pens are fantastic for getting a crisp outline.

How to sew seed stitchThread your needle with your favourite colour. I used two strands of embroidery thread here because I wanted the finish to be quite delicate. Seed stitch is a simple stitch which is made up of lots of little straight stitches, of varying sizes and which lie in different directions. Start at one end of your shape and start to stitch, taking care to place a few stitches along the outline. Continue down your shape, varying the length and direction of each stitch as you go.

How to sew seed stitchKeep stitching until your shape is completely filled.

How to sew seed stitchWhen you are finished, leave your embroidery somewhere sunny until the pen marks have completely faded!

How to sew seed stitchIf you would like to give this as a gift or turn it into something else, then leave the excess fabric around the edge. I made my niece’s birthday card by attaching the embroidery onto a large piece of card with a few tacking stitches. Happy Stitching!

How to sew seed stitchHow to sew seed stitchIf you fancy stitching your own embroidered letter then you can buy most of the supplies from Amazon. If you purchase anything through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!



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