Book Review : Baby Knits for Beginners

Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss remains my very favourite knitting book. I love the simplicity of the patterns and I have knitted many of the patterns time and time again in different combinations of yarns for new arrivals.

Book Review : Baby Knits for BeginnersThe first third of this book is dedicated to teaching you all the techniques you will need to knit these patterns. These skills include casting on and off, garter and stocking stitch, decreasing, turning rows, eyelets and more. This section is filled with very clear pictures and great explanations.

Book Review : Baby Knits for BeginnersYou will find patterns for scarves, shoes, socks and classic garments including a cardigan, a dress and jumpers. I have knitted the simple hat in the photograph above many times and it is always a lovely gift to give, especially when teamed with the moss stitch slippers in matching yarn!

Book Review : Baby Knits for BeginnersThe book is written so that each pattern teaches you a new skill or technique. The first pattern is for a super simple garter stitch scarf and the last pattern is for a v-neck sweater with pockets. Each pattern is introduced with an explanation of the technique you are going to learn and explains how and when it would be used.

Book Review : Baby Knits for BeginnersI love the colour palette used in this book, the soft blues, purples and whites mean that you can imagine the patterns knitted up for either a boy or a girl. Next on my must-knit list is going to be the scarf with a pocket, which also has a hood!

Book Review : Baby Knits for BeginnersThis book would be absolutely perfect for a new mum who wants to teach herself to knit things for her little one. It would also be great for more confident knitters who would like a book filled with simple, beautiful and classic patterns that they could knit up with ease.

Baby Knits for Beginners is published by Ebury Press and you can pick up your own copy from Amazon. If you like the sound of this book and purchase it through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon.      Thank you!



  1. I have this as all the patterns are beautiful, sometimes I find knitting books to be quite old fashioned. Also Debbie Bliss have such a wonderful colour range that you can avoid the mandatory pink and blue but still be cute enough for a baby. I love the colour palette in this book too, like you said the patterns become transferable but also I get easily distracted by the colours, when patterns are in bright colours I can’t imagine them in anything else then end up not choosing my own wool. Good review and happy kniting

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