A stitched birthday card

One year ago I was putting the finishing touches to a patchwork quilt for a newborn baby. Today that baby, my beautiful little niece, turns one! I have stitched her an extra special birthday present which I will share with you after she has opened it, so until then I will show you the card I made for her.

Seed stitch numberI love embroidery and seed stitch is my new favourite stitch! I drew an outline of a number one onto a piece of calico and filled it in using a lovely bright red thread. I’m going to tack it onto a piece of card so that we can write a birthday message on it but I’ve left the fabric big enough so that it could be taken off and made into something else. I would love to stitch a different one every year and it could be made into a length of birthday bunting or even a special quilt.

Seed Stitch NumberIf you would like to stitch your own, pop over to my seed stitch tutorial!



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