Tutorial : Crazy Patchwork

I love using up all of those tiny pieces of fabric that are left over after a long day of sewing! I’ve written lots of tutorials that use up these scraps including how to make covered buttons, felt tinsel and a braided mat. This tutorial will show you how to use up all those really strange shaped pieces of beautiful fabric that you can’t bear to part with!

Tutorial : Crazy PatchworkI keep a jam jar to pop all these odd bits of fabric in. To end up with a lovely piece of patchwork you will need a selection of fabrics that are the same sort of weight, a piece of plain backing fabric, some Bondaweb, an iron and your sewing machine.

Tutorial : Crazy PatchworkTo prepare your fabric, iron each piece and trim off any loose threads.

Tutorial : Crazy PatchworkIron a large piece of Bondaweb straight onto your piece of backing fabric. Peel off the paper backing and arrange your pieces of fabric on top of the exposed glue, right side up. You will need to overlap your fabric in places to cover the glue.

Tutorial : Crazy PatchworkOnce you are happy with your arrangement, place a piece of greaseproof paper over the top and pin into place around the very edges. Iron the paper for a minute or so until the glue underneath the fabric pieces has melted and is holding them in place.

Tutorial : Crazy PatchworkPeel off the paper and check that all of your fabric pieces are secured in place. Then using your sewing machine and a buttonhole stitch, top stitch over all of the raw edges.

Tutorial : Crazy PatchworkKeep adding fabric around the edges until you have a panel that is big enough for whatever you would like to make!

Tutorial : Crazy PatchworkIf you fancy making your own piece of crazy patchwork then you can buy Bondaweb from Amazon. If you purchase some through the links in my post you are helping to support my blog as I get a small referral fee from Amazon. Thank you!


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