Crafty Magazine

I love finding the first issue of a new magazine so when the bright red cover of Crafty magazine caught my eye the other day I couldn’t wait to get reading! It came complete with a very useful free gift of calico fabric which was packaged beautifully.

Crafty Magazine

This magazine is eclectic and celebrates all types of crafty skills. The projects in this issue include stitched creepy crawlies, customised Converse, a geometric botanical sculpture, tea towel upholstery and a felted table runner but to name a few. I love that running down the side of each project are “Eureka!” suggestions, which are ways to take that design further or change it to suit your style.

Crafty Magazine

I’m really looking forward to reading more interviews from this magazine, with people who have “been there, done that and made the T-Shirt” as editor Sarah Adie puts it.

Crafty Magazine

Each month there will be a column from Sarah Corbett of the Craftivist Collective and Mr. X Stitch, both great reads. There is also a calendar of all the key crafty goings on and a great tour of Manchester’s creative Northern Quarter where the amazing Fred Aldous gets a deserved mention.

Crafty Magazine

Issue 2 is on sale now and I can’t wait to read the next issue – I’m particularly excited about the postage themed sewing project and a Jack and the beanstalk terrarium!



  1. I saw this in Sainsbury’s on Friday – or rather, I saw issue 2… may have to treat myself now, it does look good.

  2. I just looked it up on your recommendation and if you subscribe online you get a free Diana camera, every ones a winner. Thanks xxx

  3. I love Manchester’s Northern Quarter.. If your around there, give Purl City Yarns a call.. Its a wonderful LYS on Port Street. I can’t leave there without buying something.. 😀

      • I live not far away from Manchester so I know it fairly well. It has some great vintage shops too.. Maybe I need to do a post.. But Purl City Yarns are definitely worth a visit.

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